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Why Bakery Lorraine is winning hearts
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Location: San Antonio, TX
Date: Dec 3rd 2018
How to build a successful bakery chain – without compromising on the details?
Bakery Lorraine is not only San Antonios favorite bakery, it´s rated as One of the top Ten bakeries in the U.S. And there's a reason for it.

Jeremy and Anne met while working for Thomas Keller at Bouchon Bakery in the Napa Valley, California and have been baking together ever since.

They honed their skills in different kitchens around the San Francisco Bay Area before moving to San Antonio in the summer of 2010. In 2011 they met entrepreneur Charlie Biedenharn who joined them in forming Bakery Lorraine.

Every item that they put out is handmade with the utmost care and attention to detail. Each ingredient is treated with the proper respect and thoughtfulness it deserves—from the miller's flour to the dairy farmer's eggs and butter.
Photo credit: Courtney Pierce
Understanding why it works and how you can use it for yourself:

When I visited Bakery Lorraine the first time I was captured by its great approach for those details. It felt like a synthesis of a laid back Parisian bakery and a New York deli.

The first thing I noticed when I entered were the sweet illustrations – conversation pieces – on the walls. The light brand colors, the marble surfaces and the bronze elements made me think of one of my fav breakfast spot of the future. Not to mention the curation of the menu which needs an article by itself…OR just head to Bakery Lorraine by yourself and try the best Croque Madame in Texas.

Photo credit: Courtney Pierce
As a marketing loving person, I felt the urge to have a look at their social media channels. I took some photos of my Morning Bun and the Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice and made some boomerang on instagram for our story to share with you guys…I tagged Bakery Lorraine with their 39K followers.

The content they share is super engaging and is more than just some nicely taken product shots. They are going one step further and partner with lifestyle brands like AWAY (sleek travel products) to engage their audience creatively.
Photo credit: Courtney Pierce
Bakery Lorraine puts its all together. A great business idea plus engaging brand experience. It´s about approaching every new project without a set formula.
Things we learn from from Bakery Lorraine
Brand Experience
Focus on brand experience. The experience people have is what keeps them remembering your brand and why they choose to come back. Over and over again. #brandexperience
Love what you do. Choose people who are reliable and who have the same passion for the business as you do. Shared values is the keyword. #teamlove
Details & Details
It´s about the little things! Make sure you pay attention to the details even though it might seem more expensive in the first place, it will pay you back later. For sure. #detailsdetailsdetails
Stay ahead.
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